Strategic Advisory – Case Studies

Achieving Performance Excellence


We are proud of our successful track record in delivering sound, strategic consultancy engagements for senior executive leaders and their management teams to achieve core objectives.

We continuously strive to deliver high-impact results that maximize revenue growth and evolve a cohesive, coherent, and executable business and fintech strategy for clients.

Our goal is to provide unmatched consulting services and game-changing ideas for the financial services industry.

Private Equity Investment Support


Private equity (PE)/direct investment firms have two distinct areas where advisory resources can improve the productivity of their portfolio performance – before investments are made (due diligence support) and post-investment engagement (remediation, restructuring or strategic re-positioning assignments) especially for FinTech firms and firms utilizing such platforms.  In both areas, the proper determination of the technical quality of the platform environment and the business processes delivered to end clients constitute the core areas that need to be properly reviewed before investments are made, and if already invested in, are the areas that need to be shored up in order to provide a solid foundation to move the portfolio firm back onto a growth trajectory.

We have worked with PE firms, and in particular, the financial platform transformation/FinTech portfolio managers who are committed to add, transform and grow their investments.  They have called on us to deliver on their toughest challenges given that our senior consultants have been ‘in those trenches’ running these businesses and have real track records in delivering positive results. 

C&A has performed due diligence assignments for investment firms to help them understand and reduce the ‘going in risk’ of unexpected issues in acquiring firms, both from a business operations standpoint (e.g. operating model/structure, platform functionality, fit for use, etc.) as well as around the technology and platforms (e.g., platform architecture, software vintage, technology team skills & strengths, etc.) that they offer or employ in their core services.  Our mission is to discover these issues by not just identifying risk factors, but also to put forth preliminary views of how various changes need to be anticipated or made (and the type and scale of new investment needed to remediate different conditions), both in cost, as well as available leadership and expertise, thereby putting each investment on a better trajectory to deliver business results that translate into a higher exit value for each portfolio firm.


  • C&A performs operating management, product operations and technology due diligence engagements as part of routine due diligence before firms invest. Our gap/SWOT analyses assess not only the deficiencies, but also the path that should be considered to solve for the ‘enhanced value’ to be realized in a positive end-state outcome (projects to be executed, staging timeframes, type and levels of resources needed, etc.)  These assessments are performed by highly seasoned former line management staff.  
  • C&A reports out each firm’s tactical work roadmap and interim leadership issues inside firms that need to be shored up to ensure both near- and longer-term progress.
  • C&A has taken on assignments where it has directly supported strategic and tactical revenue growth efforts, including developing new revenue streams by leveraging our ‘fresh thinking’ and insight into the financial industry and related technology and process services offered.
  • Our senior practitioners’ knowledge of these markets, along with their business development relationships, allows C&A to bring unique insight and skills into working with clients.
  • C&A has assumed senior working engagements covering ‘acting’ senior roles within the firm to support the above operating activities (e.g. CTO). This helps to bridge, as well as accelerate productive transformation of the firm by not delaying strategic changes that need to be made, even while tactical work is being executed.  Waiting for senior leaders is not always an option.
  • Our team strength covers an SME understanding of not just the business processes and products or the technologies used, but also our work reflects how the two integrate effectively to deliver effective business results.
  • We have concurrently created value and growth while delivering operating efficiencies by identifying organic product growth opportunities, as well as inorganic (primary and bolt-on) business acquisitions that have created new revenue paths for our clients. In both cases, firms realized new revenue production or new product lines that have incrementally contributed to the financial and strategic goals that the enterprise plans aspired to attain.
  • We have led/partnered with internal management on different strategic/tactical assignments to transform the technology or business operations of a firm and reignite growth initiatives that the firm could not realize before our work.
  • We also have a multi-faceted team, which amplifies more than one skill set given the way we approach our work. It is not just one person and their knowledge base; we give a wider subject matter expert level of resources to draw upon, as we work as a team with each client.