About Us

Transform Strategic Vision into Executable Solutions


C&A Consulting is a transformation consulting agency advising on management and operating issues faced by financial services firms. Our consultants work with clients to inform their strategy and execution with specialized expertise to improve platform and process solutions and capabilities to enhance top line revenue and operating margin growth.

The firm’s objective is to provide our clients with direct access to trusted, experienced Financial Services professionals in Operating Strategy, Technology, Operations, Client Experience/Communications, Finance, and Governance/Control Management to translate our clients’ strategic vision into executable solutions.

Team Expert Guidance

Our experience managing line functions and programs/projects in major financial services firms provides us with key operating insights that enable seamless strategic planning, tactical execution delivery, and post-implementation maintenance of a range of initiatives. C&A’s Principals each have an average of 25+ years of global financial industry experience delivering end-to-end enterprise-wide solutions.

C&A also advises clients in the technology and operations BPO industries on strategic opportunities to add “top line revenue” growth in a number of different ways, from strategic portfolio investments in emerging technologies to venturing and partnering with other firms to obtain new means of moving into adjacent or new lines of business to the analysis of service/product demands, selection of approach and delivery of solutions.

In addition to this consulting delivery practice, C&A’s advisory capabilities engage with several private equity firms on their direct investments into emerging firms that represent new areas in the industry that are underserved where growth potential is higher or where white spaces exist.

Combined with its core consulting work, this creates a highly competitive and timely view of the marketplace in financial services and a leading-edge view of where market trends and movement are occurring into the future state of industry competitiveness.

Our practice delivers the following client advisory services:

  • New Business Models (e.g. Governance, Risk Management Operating Models and Frameworks)
  • Mergers & Acquisitions, Joint Venture, Divestitures – Target Identification
  • New Product and Solutions Development
  • Strategic Planning, Program Development / Management and Execution
  • Due Diligence for Investment Decisions, Information Reporting
  • Growth and Segmentation Strategies
  • Competitive Market and Product Analyses, Peer Reviews
  • Performance Analyses, Benchmarks
  • Regulatory Impact on Business Lines
  • Market & Customer Channel Analysis
  • Brand, Reputation Management