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C&A Consulting is a transformation consulting agency advising on management and operating issues faced by financial services firms. Our consultants work with clients to inform their strategy and execution with specialized expertise to improve platform and process solutions and capabilities to enhance top line revenue and operating margin growth.

C&A company statement on Covid-19:

During this challenging time, C&A Consulting is focused on supporting our clients, partners, staff, and local communities in which we interact with. We are committed to acting responsibly, to do what we can to actively prevent further spread of the Covid-19 virus, and to continue to operate without disruption to our core business and our clients.

As a New York City-based firm, we continue to closely monitor how we need to adapt to this evolving situation, while operating diligently and thoughtfully. Above all, we encourage our staff to follow the precautions that each of our clients take with their staff, but also, to each shelter in place where needed, and to actively social distance and follow virus-spread suppressing actions wherever they can, in how they interact with everyone during these times. We believe it is everyone’s public responsibility to safeguard our common public environment during these exceptional times.  

Noland Cheng, Managing Partner & Founder

Practice Areas

Strategic Advisory

Achieving Performance Excellence
Our strategic consulting practice provides strategic financial markets operating structure consulting and advisory services to help firms and public sector organizations/agencies enhance their competitive operating and market stance. Learn More. Read Case Study.

Customer Communications

World Class Customer Experience

In the customer communications management (CCM) practice, our consultants have extremely deep and broad spectrum of experience  — having pioneered, developed, and managed some of the now current technology and services that are supporting the industry today.  Learn More. Read Case Study.


Lead complex transformations
C&A excels in leading complex strategic transformations, with equal capacity to effectively guide tactical baseline assignments.  Our experience enables clients to gain a ‘time to market’ advantage in moving from concept to execution safely and methodically.  Learn More. Read Case Study.

Core Consulting Services

Transform Core Operations & Controls
Our experience, serving in various C-level proxy roles in core consulting assignments, and oversight and governance, to enable adoption and implementation of best practices. We also design investment processing systems  and alternative investments portfolios.  Learn More. Read Case Study.