Oversight & Governance

Why Choose C&A?

  • C&A Consulting LLC (‘C&A’) is an established financial consulting firm providing operating management advisory engagements, with a focus on regulatory oversight and governance reviews in the financial services. Our previous engagements include assignments covering both Federal and major State-level cases, including serving as an operational oversight monitor.
  • C&A Consulting LLC brings deep industry subject matter expertise in how businesses operate, direct line management experience, and business process and technology structural insight to oversight services. This gives us a very strong background in reviewing many of the core policies, procedures and even process and platform deployment configurations that firms are using.  In case of both a regulator, or a firm seeking to better understand its operating vulnerabilities, this allows C&A to give unique feedback to its sponsoring party on the management, risk and control hygiene of a firm.
  • As a qualified operational monitor, C&A Consulting’s expertise spans both operating consulting and oversight and governance services.  In this hybrid capacity, our Oversight practice focuses on financial services assignments.  Whether the goal of an assignment is to enable a firm to proactively manage regulatory requirements and mitigate potential penalties assessed by regulatory authorities or to have a strong partner to work with the regulators to remediate the condition of a firm successfully, we possess the foresight and industry insight to assist your firm to ensure compliance with laws, regulation and potential enforcement actions.
  • Our strong working relationships with federal and state regulatory authorities is a natural extension of our client work. In most cases we have been asked to benchmark a firm’s operating practices against various best practice models in which firms can respond to their regulatory obligations at differing degrees of near-term to long-term solutions that they should entertain.
  • We have provided the management expertise needed to review and assess the effectiveness of a Three Lines of Defense (3LoD) Risk Management Model to determine its ability to identify and deter fraud and market abuse, and create a positive risk culture. In our core areas of subject matter expertise, this experience extends deeply into the core structure of our client firms.
  • C&A Consulting’s consultants in our Oversight practice understand the growing demands for organizations to implement (and maintain) greater corporate transparency, accountability and governance in today’s increasingly complex, regulatory business environment.  C&A consultants possess the business acumen and proven methodologies to anticipate federal, state and local regulatory requirements and to ensure they understand the range of approaches they can take to resolve their issues.

Our Expertise in Oversight & Governance Consulting Services:

  • We work closely with clients to anticipate major federal and state agency regulations, that often lead to satisfying those obligations to support oversight, governance and compliance requests. Our goal is to deploy effective programs that align with sustainable corporate reform.
  • Our clients choose C&A for their oversight and governance programs to help effect complex strategic remediation-driven transformation. Oversight is a different form of strategic change — change that heavily impacts firms and requires absolute performance in order to complete such remediation engagements.  Our experience, serving in various C-level proxy roles in our core consulting assignments, places us in a unique situation of involvement with the re-structuring of business operations and improving internal controls and technology systems, to enable adoption and implementation of best practices.  These types of assignments help reinforce our oversight work in helping firms make these strategic and tactical pivots.  Some of the essential elements of these changes take the form of:
    • Building an oversight program and the related execution and implementation paths
    • Understanding key sources of the points of failure given our subject matter expertise in how firms structure their business practices and operational controls underpinning their structure
    • Ensuring the structure of the risk and control processes are in accordance with the Three Lines of Defense model
    • Developing business monitoring, exception measurement and metrics capabilities, and compliance programs which identify and control non-compliant activity
    • Improving the firm’s oversight, controls culture and integrity, from a board-level risk management and compliance level, through the management team and firm structure
    • Providing true independent oversight of best practices, due to our extensive understanding of how firms may fall short of how they can structure/re-structure their business environments to gain the level of control and self-oversight that can be sustainable to control their risks
  • We also closely engage directly with major federal, state and local government agencies, while we support both clients and their regulatory compliance requests to implement sustainable corporate financial reform.

Our Approach

  • C&A helps establish a formal policy, process and operational execution framework to help firms detect and prevent non-compliance with their obligations and, thus, ensure a solid path to remediation.
  • Our experience with top financial services regulatory agencies provides a unique advantage in how we approach each assignment. Based on our professional background, C&A practitioners have held senior executive roles directly supervising the regulatory responsibilities of our client firms, thus providing a wealth of strategic understanding in expediting programs that enable firms to achieve superior governance, structure and organizational culture.
  • C&A’s oversight advisory services enable sound, comprehensive corporate governance engagement in an effective and reform-oriented manner.
  • Our primary objectives are to:
    • Anticipate and address clients’ regulatory requirements
    • Assess the effectiveness of the client’s control environment and their ability to comply with the rules and regulations they are subject to
    • Ascertain that sufficient remediation is properly undertaken at the right depth and levels within the firm and that root causes of compliance lapses have been sufficiently addressed
    • Improve and enhance governance and decision-making in a manner that reinforces proper balance between business goals and a better culture of respecting the regulatory environment
    • Ensure that leadership of the firm understands the causes and effects of the previous failures leading to regulatory oversight and to take timely corrective action to remediate such issues
    • Renew corporate integrity and controls
  • With our deep operations and technology experience, we balance the above corporate governance mandates with the ongoing operations of each firm.
  • C&A’s manner of approaching such assignments enables a firm to more directly adopt modern business process management, automation and workflow process frameworks, combined with our expert knowledge of the various practices and state of automation in the industry.
    • We have a very strong practical sense of structural controls that can be developed that deliver both effective compliance and risk and control processes without sacrificing the need for business operational effectiveness.

The examples below exemplify how C&A has successfully executed oversight and governance consulting engagements:

  • Develop a solid understanding of a firm’s business and operating services structure
  • Efficiently target remediation issues and provide a practical, effective level of constructive critique of a firm’s weaknesses and issues mapped to identified goals
  • Observe and test the effectiveness of the Three Lines of Defense as sufficient risk management and control models, and tools
  • Evaluate the leadership structure and effectiveness of the organization’s design, both at the line management level and across its committee-level
  • Evaluate corporate governance and operating structures, programs and processes in a timely, yet comprehensive level to baseline a firm’s status against identified goals
  • Evaluate a firm’s operating effectiveness and recommend appropriate technology platforms and vendors



  • Greater regulation driven by Dodd-Frank financial reform since 2010 and related industry overhaul have heightened the need and awareness for corporate governance, transparency and accountability, and stricter reporting requirements for public and private organizations. Regulatory examinations and financial audits of an organization’s business conduct and controls are in the company spotlight, to ensure effective and responsible compliance programs.  Organizations must adapt and respond, accordingly, to implement effective strategies, systems and processes for proper business controls and operational structures to meet stricter regulatory and compliance requirements.
  • Greater corporate transparency and accountability across many agencies and their mandates are accelerating the adoption, and creation, of oversight programs as a functional discipline in today’s organization. Today’s successful modern growth enterprise must demonstrate effective management, operational structure and processes, and technology systems that enable transparency and accountability. However, when organizations are deficient in meeting regulatory requirements, or deviate from proper business conduct practices, they must make fundamental changes to enhance management oversight and ascertain compliance with the regulation.
  • Creation of the Consumer Financial Protection Board (“CFPB” is considered a law enforcement agency of the U.S. government, responsible for consumer protection in the financial sector with a non-partisan role) has brought many companies into a newly regulated status, causing deep-seated structural reviews and high-impact changes to how services, products and practices must be reformed to attain regulatory compliance. Many firms or entities lack the experience to effectively address these organizational changes at many levels, including establishing and implementing:
    • Corporate culture, governance and oversight structures;
    • Organizational accountability and transparency policy and guidelines;
    • Regulatory frameworks and best practices within line management teams;
    • Remediation projects and identification of weaknesses in the firm structure; and,
    • Management of roadmap plans and communications to track progress and goals.
  • Far-reaching investigations into areas of industry business practice abuse that regulators have deemed damaging to customers (and other stakeholders) are on the rise.  The financial regulatory agencies have identified and penalized entities that have not followed proper interpretations of formal rules and regulations — ranging from poor sales practices, conflicts of interest, and improper disclosure of practices to outright inaccurate processing of outcomes.  Firms are under increased scrutiny to eliminate such practices and quickly pivot their organizations in complying with policies and procedures and adhering with the letter of their findings.

What / How C&A delivers

Key Business Outcomes

C&A Oversight & Governance practice and advisory services:

Assessments & Reviews:

  • Regulatory reviews and program support
  • Three Lines of Defense Governance Model
  • Leadership and corporate governance strategy
  • Corporate Strategy, Operational solutions
  • Reporting consulting services and project execution
  • Program / Project management and support
  • Compliance assessment, remediation and support
  • Operating Infrastructure assessment; Operational process design
  • Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity Planning
  • Business controls framework evaluation and review
  • Information Security review

Operating Effectiveness

  • Reporting consulting services and reviews
  • Operations assessments; diagnosis of operational deficiencies
  • Best Practices Recommendation – operating and structural reviews
  • Reports and evaluations
  • Operating Infrastructure assessment and operational process design
  • Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity Planning
  • Financial technology systems selection and integration
  • Vendor, Platform evaluation / selection

Risk & Regulatory

  • Regulatory reviews and program support
  • Compliance assessment, remediation and support
  • Audit, Monitoring and Operational Compliance services
  • Operational / Financial Risk Management
  • Business Controls framework evaluation and review
  • Information Security review

Management Practices

  • Leadership and corporate governance strategy and tactical advisory services
  • Financial oversight and program support
  • Independent reviews and assessments for decision-making, resource deployment

C&A Business Markets – Practice areas

  • Passive and active Pension, Asset Management and Investment Firms
  • Alternative Investments, both Public Markets and Private markets (Private Equity, Real Estate, Venture Capital, direct loans)
  • Mortgage Lending, Operations and Service Administration, Processing
  • Technology Services (Applications, Data Management and Governance, infrastructure)
  • Capital Markets Trading across all major asset and liability classes
  • Banking Operations
  • Wealth Management/Brokerage & Registered Independent Advisory practices
  • 3rd-party Administration Service Providers

C&A Values

C&A is committed to delivering world-class operational, technological and strategic consulting oversight and governance advisory services with integrity, accountability and ethical operating principles and practices.

With independent opinion, prudent judgment and a professional code of conduct, C&A continuously earns the trust and respect of clients, regulators and partners.

We believe trust is the cornerstone of strong leadership and sound operating business practices.