Aaxial Resources

Strategic Staffing Partnership


Aaxial Resources, is a premier staffing consulting firm. We have an ideal solution for your staffing issues, bringing leading-edge approaches to every aspect of your recruiting challenge, regardless of scope, size, or timeline.

Our goal is to help your company achieve operating excellence while taking advantage of every possible cost savings without sacrificing the growing need for subject matter expertise.

As technology continually advances, the skill set required of consulting personnel increases in complexity and sophistication.

Our Subject Matter Specialties:

• Technology
• Operations Accounting
• Finance Risk & Control

Expert Guidance

We tailor our recruiting approach to each client.  With Aaxial Resources, you can count on:
• Consistent service delivery model
• Dedicated recruiter
• Quality service delivery program
• Our commitment to deliver



A strong recruiting presence: We have an experienced-based understanding of the local marketplace, deep relationships, and a capability of finding the most qualified candidates in your areas of need.

Our unique business model enables us to provide highly competitive pricing, while leveraging the back office and support staff of a larger management consulting firm, C&A Consulting LLC. This means that we can offer the best prices in the market and we deliver what we promise.

A forward-thinking, proactive approach: Aaxial Resources does not work on client requirements reactively. In fact, we’re usually working on your requirements before you even have them. We continually identify upcoming needs by working with your managers and decision makers and building a pipeline of candidates that complement your company’s culture.

Business Drivers


On a moment’s notice, a deliverable is moved up…or during a project, a group of highly specialized developers are quickly needed for their expertise.  Whether it’s for budget reasons or head count, Aaxial Resources provides that team of specialized consultants with the expertise and professionalism.

While determining the cost effectiveness of adding new headcount or waiting for Human Resources to complete the hiring process, hiring a consultant with the likelihood of conversion to a permanent employee is a great solution that makes sense.

There will always be a need for very senior and highly specialized technology experts for those mission critical projects. Whether it is hard to find software packages, Senior Integration Specialist, Senior Developers and everything in between…Aaxial Resources specializes in providing top expertise in any technology and business discipline.

There will always be a need for full-time staff, whether it’s C-Level Executives, Software Specialists, or Subject Matter Experts. Aaxial Resources understands the need to have permanent people at every level of your firm.

Business Outcomes – Staff Augmentation Case Study

A major financial services firm decided to implement a new trading platform from an older proprietary trading platform. The decision was to implement Charles River, a leading vendor in this space with a host of related capabilities including Compliance and trade monitoring. Charles River is one of the more complicated trading platforms to implement, and the firm made the right determination that they did not have the in-house expertise to implement Charles River. The firm called Aaxial Resources to help them staff for the implementation. Their need was to source experienced Charles River specialists that were experts in various roles related to the implementation. Some of these people can be difficult to source.

Aaxial Resources, through its extensive experience of staffing for trading platform implementations, contacted many integration specialists with specific Charles River experiences. We identified the right experienced professionals that possessed a rare
blend of the technical product knowledge and understood the client’s company culture. We consider it very important that the person possess the right technical expertise along with the ability to be able to work in the client’s environment. As the project progressed, Aaxial Resources suggested and assisted in finding a senior project manager/business analyst. The senior project manager’s role was to raise the overall implementation from a microlevel to a more complicated cross-functional project plan. As the Charles River implementation project plan progressed, Aaxial Resources was contacted to help staff the project at various stages. So, when it was time to perform user acceptance testing (UAT), Aaxial Resources sourced the quality assurance professionals to manage the testing process.

The Charles River’s trading platform and related applications were successfully implemented at the firm. Aaxial Resources played an important role to sourcing the proper experienced professionals to create and manage the project plan. And, more importantly, we sourced the right people with the breadth of experience required to perform the implementation at varying stages of the project, along with the soft skills to be able to work well with the client. Aaxial Resources kept track of the project plan’s progression, so that we could anticipate project staffing needs for the client. Aaxial Resources acted as a partner to our client, and not just as a vendor, and played an important role with the success of the Charles River implementation. Finding the right people to perform project governance and to perform the trading platform implementation was crucial to the project’s success. We were able to augment their current staff with an extremely talented group of integrators, including project managers, business analysts, and quality assurance professionals quickly and cost effectively. This was a successful implementation of a very complex technical product.