Aaxial Resources tailors its approach to each client. We develop and deliver a strategic staffing partnership that adds value in the following areas:

  • A strong recruiting presence: We have an experienced-based understanding of the local marketplace, deep relationships, and a capability of finding the most qualified candidates in your areas of need.
  • Managing Costs: Our unique business model enables us to provide highly competitive pricing, while leveraging the back office and support staff of a larger management consulting firm, C&A Consulting, LLC. This means that we can offer the best prices in the market and we deliver what we promise.
  • A forward-thinking, proactive approach: Aaxial Resources does not work on client requirements reactively. In fact, we’re usually working on your requirements before you even have them. We continually identify upcoming needs by working with your managers and decision makers and building a pipeline of candidates that complement your company’s culture.

We provide services in the following areas:

  • Staff Augmentation – On a moments notice, a deliverable is moved up…or during a project, a group of highly specialized developers are quickly needed for their expertise, whether it’s for budget reasons or head count, Aaxial Resources provides that team of specialized consultants with the expertise and professionalism.
  • Consultant to Hire – While determining the cost effectiveness of adding new headcount or waiting for Human Resources to complete the hiring process, hiring a consultant with the likelihood of conversion to a permanent employee is a great solution that makes sense.
  • Independent Consulting Staff – There will always be a need for very senior and highly specialized technology experts for those mission critical projects. Whether it is hard to find software packages, Senior Integration Specialist, Senior Developers and everything in between…Aaxial Resources specializes in providing top expertise in any technology and business discipline.
  • Permanent Hiring – There will always be a need for full-time staff, whether it’s C-Level Executives, Software Specialists, or Subject Matter Experts. Aaxial Resources understands the need to have permanent people at every level of your firm.


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