Customer Communications – Case Studies

Industry Expertise, Sound Judgment


We assist our clients to leverage key technologies and processes to attain leadership and innovation within their respective industry.

With the right self-service software and cloud-enabled platforms and services, firms can enhance the customer experience, while increasing workforce productivity. 

As firms evolve their transformation lifecycle processes to perform and support data integration, compliance and Know Your Customer (KYC) guidelines, flexible and robust technology and services paired with skilled talent and resources can help drive organic growth for the business.

Advanced reporting, improved customer experience and modernized communications


A Regional Brokerage concern had limited resources and expertise in developing advanced customer communication solutions for their high net worth/brokerage customers. These customers were continuously being courted by large wire-house firms that had advanced consolidated statement capabilities that were the high net worth customer standard in the industry. Advanced reporting became the foundation in which national brokerage firms differentiated themselves.

A solution was developed with an aggressive national customer communication services provider who brought the resources and expertise. Following deployment, the platform developed was retrofitted to accommodate other regional firms which utilized the same underlying brokerage system. The creation of the platform and the resulting aggregated revenue streams provided funding for continuous enhancements and enabled the solution to compete with over-matched competitors.

The regional brokerage concern delivered a solution that was a formidable competitive capability and was able to execute with limited expertise and financial resource by leveraging an industry leader who viewed and realized the opportunity as a win-win. The communication platform built remains as the leading solution for over 20+ brokerage firms today.