Operation Services

C&A’s Operations Practice was established with the goal of enhancing operational capabilities of financial institutions, while helping them compete more effectively in an ever changing investor and compliance environment. C&A brings extensive experience in the reorganization, reconciliation, workflow analysis and improvement, documentation, and operational risk and regulatory compliance review of operations. C&A’s practice covers the complete trade/transaction lifecycle process, market and referential data, and asset servicing. The firm’s years of experience ensure that an organization’s transaction processing structure (people and systems) exceed industry requirements to satisfy today’s and tomorrow’s business needs.

C&A presents a unique consulting model based on the skill set of senior executives that have lived through and succeeded in the evolution of Wall Street institutions for 25+ years. C&A’s expertise covers strategic elements of the future marketplace and tactical understanding of how to support daily execution. C&A provides analysis and recommendations for the tactical and strategic initiatives, based on a detailed discovery process and years of business knowledge. Each recommendation will outline areas of risk due to structure, staffing, process and systems. C&A will partner with clients to increase their overall effectiveness, profitability and business growth. The firm’s approach allows clients to control and reap the benefits of a solid infrastructure designed to effectively manage their business.

Specific Operational offerings:

  • Functional Analysis of the Firm’s Current Business Model
  • Account Management
  • Security Master, Asset Schema and Pricing
  • Trade and Transaction Processing
  • Asset Servicing
  • Cash Management & Payment Processing
  • Reconciliation
  • Reporting
  • Policy and Procedures Review and Updates
  • Vendor Management
  • Metrics and Resource Modeling
  • Risk and Control Assessments
  • AML/BSA Reviews

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