Strategy/Program Management

C&A’s Operations services are designed to improve both the Middle Office and the Back Office of financial institutions. Our projects have focused on a wide spectrum of operational offerings including organizational analysis, process re-design, resource planning, new or enhanced metrics, customer service improvements, and improved controls which prevent losses and/or regulatory issues.

Our approach is to conduct a thorough on site evaluation leading to the design and installation of operational improvements. Our staff is nearly full time on the client’s premises and learns the issues first hand. Each phase of the assignment is carefully reviewed with senior management before proceeding to the next phase. Client involvement and input is always part of any design and installation.

C&A prides itself in its people communications skills. In any operations improvement assignment, gaining the trust and co-operation of front line and middle managers is essential. C&A spends considerable amounts of time meeting with managers and listening to the issues confronting them. We have found that many of our solutions originate from existing managers, who feared presenting the idea, or whose thoughts for improvement were ignored.

Specific Operational offerings:

  • Organizational Analysis, including span of control evaluation, and organizational rationalization
  • Process Re-design, or Best Practices, encompassing streamlining, flow controls, and cross training impact
  • Resource Planning, including staffing requirements, and capabilities
  • Metrics analysis, ensuring timely, accurate, and meaningful reporting of data
  • Customer Service evaluation, leading to the improvement of customer satisfaction in a timely manner