C&A Financial Technology Incubator

C&A Strategic Advisors is proud to operate an incubator for emerging companies in Financial Services Technology.

Leveraging the expertise of our professional team, the Incubator assists entrepreneurs with issues that are common to early stage companies, including strategy, product, market penetration, and strategic partnerships. We also provide expertise on capital raising and can invest directly or assist with introductions to other appropriate funding sources.

C&A is selective in terms of the companies we choose to work with. The Incubator is suited to early stage companies that are focusing on game-changing technologies or solutions that will solve major problems in the financial services industry. In addition, we prefer to work with companies with a focus on business to business products and services to align more closely with the expertise of our professional team.

Current areas of focus for our Incubator include:

  • Real estate and mortgage
  • Compliance
  • Big Data
  • Trade Reporting
  • Exchanges and marketplaces

Incubator Structure

C&A earns equity in all Incubator companies in exchange for providing strategic and tactical advice to companies in the portfolio. An initial fee structure is set, with equity vesting over time, dependent on continued C&A engagement with the client. In addition, milestone based equity awards are also created.

C&A also reserves the right to invest in future rounds of capital. And C&A may provide office space or administrative support to incubator companies as needed.

Current Companies in the C&A Incubator include:

Enterprise Loan Management System (ELMS)

ELM Systems LLC is a developer of state-of-the-art loan management solutions. The Enterprise Loan Management System (ELMS) is designed for institutions and funds holding and managing residential whole loans. The system is an advanced and flexible solution to manage residential loan inventories from bid through disposition, sale or liquidation. C&A Strategic Advisors is the managing partner of ELM Systems, and through its consulting practice in the residential mortgage space, identified the lack of a flexible technology in this niche space. With its technology partner, ELMS was developed and designed with the benefit of individuals that have 30 plus years of trading, processing and servicing experience in the residential mortgage space. For more information on ELMS, please go to www.elm-systems.com

XOA (Extreme Operating Architecture)

XOA is an evolutionary rapid application development platform that integrates and normalizes data across complex enterprises. XOA is built for real-time and disparate data. XOA generates re-usable data components that result in an accelerated time-to-market delivery for business reporting. XOA differentiates itself by providing near real-time information flow. This allows for transparency and reporting across the organization in a highly efficient way that can revolutionize the future of IT spending and business alignment.


The Accordance platform is a fully-managed, scalable service which can be quickly integrated with existing trading infrastructures to handle the most challenging of
regulatory compliance requirements. Accordance assists with real-time identification and alerts of trade-breaks as defined by compliance and allows for reduced labor and time for ad-hoc intraday reports and custom queries. Accordance can handle real-time or batch-trade events from multiple data sources.

Fintel Technologies

Fintel Technologies is a development stage company that constructs highly secure financial information networks and platforms allowing industry peers to share confidential data. With its unique patent-pending methods and algorithms, Fintel employs a revolutionary communications infrastructure and advanced methodology for improving fraud detection and bridging compliance. Fintel Technologies has developed an ultra-secure communications network and data analysis platform called Fintel Secure. By linking financial institutions, Fintel Secure allows for the monitoring and exchange of data that may lead to identifying questionable transaction activity in accordance with banking compliance obligations and privacy regulations.