Risk & Control

The Risk & Control Practice at C&A Consulting is focused on operational risk and can assist commercial banks, investment banks, wealth management banks, broker dealers, and asset management firms to ensure that they have an effective internal controls infrastructure to protect the firm from financial loss, regulatory fines, and reputational risk. These types of financial institutions are typically under the supervision of various regulators such as FINRA, SEC, OTS or FDIC. Managing market, credit, and operational risks is extremely important. Investors in publicly owned firms are critical of firms that do not have an effective controls infrastructure or are sanctioned by the regulator which may result in financial loss and damage to the firm’s reputation. With the Basel Accord (I, II, and III), there are capital charges that need to be calculated to ensure that the firm has sufficient capital relative to business conducted. Newly enacted Dodd-Frank regulations will also have implications for financial institutions that will need to be addressed. Operational risk is one component of the Basel Accord for which a capital charge is levied. Maximizing the use of capital is critical in today’s current market environment.

The Risk and Control Practice at C&A Consulting can help assess, remediate, and implement an effective controls infrastructure. We can work directly with your firm to assess, remediate, design and implement an effective comprehensive controls infrastructure that is customized to your firm. We can implement a comprehensive Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) platform. We employ the use of the COSO framework as the basis to develop an effective controls environment. We work across disciplines that include Finance, Operations (front, middle, and back), and Technology. C&A Consulting also has a diverse group of Practices that can help firms to remediate or enhance existing infrastructure.

Risk and Control Capabilities

  • Assess the firm’s Risk and Governance infrastructure
  • Remediate gaps and findings from the assessment
  • Design and implement a customized control program/infrastructure based on COSO standards
  • Design and implement an Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) platform
  • Create business metrics and dashboards to monitor operational performance
  • Address operational risks and deficiencies
  • Address regulatory requirements related to Sarbanes-Oxley and Dodd-Frank