C&A Consulting’s Finance practice is designed to assist the CFO and finance departments with the development and support of the processes and technologies necessary for their dynamic roles. As more firms look toward the CFO for business advice, the finance, treasury and control environments are becoming an enterprise wide concern for today’s finance professional.This is especially true today with the increase in regulations and investor due diligence practices. The CFO’s must ensure their firms develop an effective and practical integrated end-to-end infrastructure solution to manage reporting, exposure, and operational risk.

C&A’s staff has worked inside hedge funds, private equity firms and wealth management firms. They have set up or transformed fund accounting processes and technologies from start-ups to firms with AUM in excess of 20 billion dollars. During the last year, C&A has teamed with alternatives, to set up Form PF procedures and assisted in the filing of the Form. We understand first-hand, the process, regulations and concerns from the buy-side prospective. As an example, we have worked with providers of accounting portfolio systems in the PE and hedge fund spaces. Our financial practice works closely with our operational and technology staff to provide executable solutions for our clients concerns. The Finance Practice covers the strategic elements of running businesses and deep tactical and technical understanding of how to support the daily execution and reporting required in your business.

Finance Capabilities

  • Financial Transformation – Treasury Platforms, Accounting portfolio systems
  • Cash Management Review and Implementation
  • Regulatory Expertise; Form PF, Dodd Frank
  • Product Control expertise
  • Operational Risk and Control
  • Partnership Level Processing and Accounting
  • Reconciliation or Audit Related assignments
  • C&A can provide key financial team including the CFO or Treasurer on an interim basis.
  • Start-up services


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