Service Providers

C&A defines Service Providers as Prime Brokers, Fund Administrators, Third Party Administrators (“TPAs”) and Custodians. During the last few years, an increasing number of hedge funds and private equity firms have been transferring their record keeping activities to fund administrators and TPAs. This results in a reduction of the firms’ system footprint, provides a variable cost model and externalizes investor processing and reporting. However, converting onto an administrator or TPA platform has internal and external ramifications such as; maintaining quality of service and response time; will the loss of controlling the output and reporting effect your investor relationships; how will the increasing number of external companies that your administrator adds to their portfolio effect your company’s service level and will/has your fund administrator properly staffed your account with qualified individuals. Firms also have been re-evaluating their relationships with prime brokers, by demanding more information on a real-time basis. C&A has been in the forefront of advising service providers on how to better serve their clients and evaluating service providers for our clients. C&A can reach within the highest level of a fund administrator and TPA to ensure our clients will be provided with the best available service.

C&A have pervaded the following services:

  • Assisting firms in theselection of prime brokers, custodians, fund administrators and TPA’s
  • Converting our clients onto the books of a Fund Administrator
  • Assist firms in improving services with exiting providers