C&A Consulting’s Finance practice is designed to assist the CFO and finance departments with the development and support of the processes and technologies necessary for their dynamic role. C&A partners with clients to address control, performance and risk throughout their firm. C&A has the expertise and experience to assist a wide range of financial institutions: broker-dealers, asset managers, private equity firms, hedge funds and investment banks.

Business partners today perceive the CFO function quite differently than in the past. Pressures from the investing and regulatory environments dictate that the CFO employs cohesive governance over business practices and the infrastructure. As more businesses look to the CFO for business advice, the finance and control environment is becoming an enterprise wide concern for today’s finance professional. As the instruments traded become more complex CFO’s must ensure their firm develops a finely integrated end-to-end infrastructure to manage reporting, exposure, and operational risk.

C&A presents a unique consulting model based on the skill set of senior executives that have lived through and succeeded in the evolution of the Finance and Accounting space for 25+ years. The Finance Practice covers the strategic elements of running businesses and deep tactical and technical understanding of how to support the daily execution and reporting required in your


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